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Chapter 5
"Silver?" Silver nodded his head, his eyes never leaving Blaze's. At this gesture, Blaze absolutely broke down. She threw her arms around Silver, crying into his shoulder. Silver returned the embrace, pulling her even close, not wanting her to leave him. But unfortunately for him, that's what she did. She tore herself away from him and ran out of the house, still crying.

Silver just sat there on the bed, not knowing how to respond. Tears flowed from his eyes. He didn't understand. Blaze knew it was him, and yet she ran. Why? What did he do? Finally making up his mind, Silver went to go search for Blaze, hoping to understand why she fled.

The moon was up, and Silver was running around wildly. He feared for Blaze. In her emotional state she could easily be ambushed by Eggman. Silver searched for hours before he finally found Blaze, still crying her eyes out. She was sitting at the base of a tree. Silver slowly and cautiously made his way towards her. He reached out to put his arm around her. He wanted very much to comfort her.

Blaze felt the hand on her back. Already knowing who it was, she looked up to see Silver standing over her. "Silvy?" she asked. Silver nodded his head. A fresh wave of tears flowed from Blaze's eyes. She could hardly believe what had become of her boyfriend. As Silver sat down next to her, she threw her arms around him, still crying.

After a while, her tears had subsided. She looked up into Silver's eyes. In those golden eyes, she saw only love and compassion. Blaze wiped the tears from her eyes. Silver smiled. She had finally settled down.

"Silver, what happened to you? Was it Eggman?" Silver nodded his head. "What did he do to you?" Silver shrugged. He honestly couldn't remember what had taken place on Eggman's ship that fateful day.

A slow trickle of tears came from Blaze. "It's my fault." Silver was taken aback by this. None of this was her fault.

Blaze turned away from him. "I should never have let you go up there alone." Gently, Silver cupped her chin in his hand and turned her back to face him. Slowly, he pulled her into a deep kiss, trying to show her his true feelings.

Blaze didn't fight the urge. She wanted to kiss Silver as much as he wanted to kiss her. She deepened the kiss, apologizing to Silver with it. Their tongues wrestled for dominance. Blaze had never felt so alive. True, the fangs hurt, but it was worth it.

When they finally pulled away, Silver noticed the trickle of blood on Blaze's bottom lip, and a sorrowful expression came onto his face. Blaze merely laughed and wiped the blood off. "Don't worry about it Silvy," she said. A smile dawned on Silver's face, seeing that she wasn't hurt.

Blaze again threw her arms around him, and more tears flowed from her eyes. However, these were not tears of sadness, but rather tears of joy. "You have no idea how happy I am to see you Silver. After what Eggman said, I thought that I'd lost you." She hugged Silver tighter, not wanting him to ever leave her again. Silver willingly obliged. He didn't want to leave her any more than she did. Tears flowed from both of their eyes now. Blaze cried because she was overjoyed to see Silver, Silver because she finally recognized him.

For who knows how long, they both sat under the tree, crying their eyes out. Once Silver stopped, he felt as if he had no tears left. That's when he noticed. This tree was the same tree he had been resting under the day Eggman attacked. The day he was going to- "Silver, what's wrong?" Silver snapped out of the daydream he hadn't known he was having. Silver shook his head, trying to tell her that it was nothing.

Blaze seemed to understand what he was saying, but didn't believe him. She huffed and put her hands on her hips. "Don't give me that Silver. I know you were thinking about something. Now tell me what you were thinking." Silver shook his head again and turned away. Now wasn't the right time. Not when he was this thing. But Blaze wouldn't hear it. She grabbed him and turned him to face her. Her face was filled with rage, her hands on fire. "Tell me!" she screamed. Silver cowered in fear. He had never seen Blaze like this.

Blaze seemed to realize her mistake and immediately calmed down. "Fine, don't tell me," she said, and started to walk away. Silver reached out and grabbed her arm, stopping her. She turned back to face him, her hands crossed over her chest. "This had better be good," she said.

*It will be,* thought Silver. He got down on one knee and looked Blaze in the eyes.

Blaze's eyes widened. *Wait,* she thought. *He's not-?* But her train of thought was interrupted when she saw Silver pull a small box from his boot. He brought it up to where she could see it, and opened it. Inside was a sparkling diamond ring. Blaze looked into Silver's eyes. They confirmed what she had thought.

Blaze hugged Silver around the neck, taking Silver by surprise. "Yes, Silver! I will marry you!" Tears came to Silver's eyes as he hugged Blaze's waist.

Once Blaze had let go of Silver, Silver slipped the ring on her finger. It sparkled brilliantly in the moonlight. Blaze couldn't believe it. She was marrying the man she had always wanted to. Her life was perfect.

Overcome with happiness, Blaze pulled Silver into a kiss. After breaking it, Silver picked her up bridal style and carried her back to her house, her purring contentedly and snuggling into his chest fur the whole way.
Yay! Silver finally proposed to Blaze! This is the chapter I've been wanting to write ever since I started writing this. Sorry it took so long. I've been swamped with homework. Next chapter will be less of a wait. Be sure to drop some comments about my Sonic Star Wars parody casting call. I still have a few spots to fill in.

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