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Chapter 23
Silver set Blaze down, stepping protectively between her and Eggman. "What do you want Eggman?" Silver asked threateningly.

Eggman smiled maniacally. "Why Silver, I just want to give you my present. I witnessed your wedding, and I feel I should give you something." As he said this, a large and formidable machine gun popped out of the side of his vehicle, aimed directly at Silver.

Silver got into a defensive position, his hands glowing with psychokinetic energy. Eggman merely laughed maniacally, as robots rained down from the sky, advancing on Silver and Blaze. Blaze ignited her hands, and together, they tore into the robots.

Silver did his best to protect Blaze. She came close to getting shot a few times, but Silver always stopped the bullets with his psychokinesis, sending them flying back at their senders.

When the robots were beaten, Silver and Blaze thought it was over. The robots were all destroyed, and Eggman was nowhere in sight. However, when they heard a large thud behind them, they realized that this wasn't the case. They turned around to see Eggman inside the largest mech ever. It towered over their house by at least a story. It looked incredibly formidable. "Meet my newest creation!" he yelled, "The Egg Gladiator!" He advanced towards them, large weapons such as a drill, machine guns, missile launchers, and a mace.

Thus, the battle began. Silver started off by flying straight for the cockpit, always the weakest point. But Eggman had surrounded it with a force field, and he merely brushed Silver off, sending him flying into a tree. Blaze wanted to help him, but Eggman wouldn't allow it. He was using everything on her. The bullets tore the edges of her dress to shreds, and she was covered in numerous burns. All she could do was dodge.

Silver pulled himself out of the tree, bloody and covered in splinters. He saw Eggman attacking Blaze, and something just snapped within him. He marched determinedly towards Eggman, not about to let anyone hurt his love. He glowed with psychokinetic energy.

Blaze was tired from all the dodging. She didn't know how long she could keep this up. She had tried melting the machine with her flames, but to no effect. Her tiredness showed, beads of sweat pouring down her forehead. She tried to dodge the mace, but was just a second too slow. The end of her tail got caught underneath it, and she cried out in pain. It was obviously broken.

Eggman took this opportunity to snatch her up, bringing her close to the cockpit, face to face with him. "You have caused me too much trouble," he sneered, "And for that, you shall… huh?"
A large glow from behind caught Eggman's attention. He turned around to see Silver glowing with energy. He had so much that some of it had to be discharged into nearby trees, frying them to bits.

"Silvy…" Blaze said weakly.

Silver's voice boomed out, "It's okay Blaze. I'm not going to let him hurt you. I will never let anything hurt you." He smiled at her to assure her that everything would be all right. He turned to face Eggman. "You dare hurt my love!" he yelled at him. "This is the final straw! You have plagued this planet long enough Eggman! It is time for you to die!"

The symbols on his hands glowed, as long beams of energy shot out of them. Silver whipped one of these over his head, making an ominous cracking sound, almost like a whip.

"Why Silver," said Eggman. "You're in no position to tell me what to do." He gestured to Blaze. "One false move and I'll squeeze your bride until she pops!"

Silver moved like lightning. The energy whip sheared the arm that was holding Blaze clean off, dropping her to the ground. However, she was still in its grip.

Silver chopped off part after part of the Egg Gladiator, each time yelling more of his tirade at Eggman. "First you turn me into a monster! Then you try to kill me! Now you try to kill Blaze! I won't have it Eggman!" Soon, the mech was reduced to bits, and Eggman was a quivering pulp. Silver came up close to him.

A smile formed on Eggman's face. He pressed a button, activating a sonic blast that knocked Silver to the ground. He then promptly blasted off. A minute later, when Silver got up, he cursed himself for being so slow. That was when he heard a strange beeping. He looked at where Eggman took off to see a box about the size of his hand with a blinking red light. His eyes grew wide. A detonator…

He ran and ducked behind a large rock as it exploded. When Silver peeked out from behind it, he could see that the front half of the rock had completely melted. That was when he realized… "Blaze…" he said in a worried tone. He searched through the wreckage, until he finally found her, horribly burned, and still in the robotic arm's grip. He put his ear to her chest. There was no heartbeat, no breathing. She was dead.

Tears leapt unbidden to Silver's eyes. Using his psychokinesis, he wrenched the hand open, and grabbed Blaze. He hugged her, tears sizzling on her burned skin. Silver himself was getting burned, but he didn't care. "No, no, no…" he cried. "Blaze, wake up. Please, wake up." He stared into her unseeing eyes. Nothing. He closed them, and pounded his fist against the ground. "I should have saved her," he said. "I should have saved her. I should have saved her." In his anger, he tore a tree to splinters with his psychokinesis.

That was when he remembered. His chaos energy. Eggman said he had more of it than possibly the Chaos emeralds. He remembered back to the incident with Solaris. They had brought Sonic back to life with the seven Chaos emeralds. Could he do the same?

He laid Blaze flat on the grass. He extended his palms over her, trying to summon his inner chaos energy. He could feel it building, and his symbols started glowing. He pushed it into Blaze, and he could see it working. The burns went away, the fur regrew. Her tail fixed itself. Tears of joy leapt to his eyes. He was bringing her back.

That was when he felt the pain. It seemed familiar, but yet he couldn't place it. Suddenly, the flow of chaos energy was cut off, and Silver doubled over in pain. His fur grew longer, his nails grew, his canines lengthened. No, no, no! Not this again! When the pain was gone, Silver looked at himself. He was a werehog again.

Silver heard something move, and looked over to see Blaze stirring. His own situation was forgotten as he stood over her.

Blaze opened her eyes. She could see a white, silverish blur standing over her. She smiled. She knew she had been dead, and that her love had brought her back to life. But when her vision cleared, she wasn't as happy as she thought she'd be, for standing over was Silver in his werehog form. She sat up. "Silvy?" she asked him. Silver tried to speak, but remembered he couldn't. He merely nodded his head.

Tears of joy and sorrow flowed from Blaze's eyes. She embraced Silver in a hug, crying on his shoulder. Silver patted her back, trying to assure her that it would be fine. Blaze pulled out of the hug when he did this. "Silver," she asked, "How can you think this will all be okay? You're a monster again!"

Silver was extremely hurt by this comment. Blaze thought he was a monster? He was still the same on the inside! Depressed, he sauntered off to the top of a nearby hill, slumping himself down on it, and crying his eyes out.

When Blaze looked up again, she noticed that Silver had moved. She climbed the hill, and heard the sobs that racked his body. She knew that she had called him a monster, and that was why he was crying. She laid a hand on his side, and felt him tense up. "Silvy," she started, "I'm sorry that I called you a monster. I didn't mean it." She went to walk back down the hill, to leave Silver alone, but she felt something grab her around the waist and pull her back.

Silver embraced her in a hug. Blaze returned it, glad that he accepted her apology.

How long they remained in that embrace, neither of them knew. However, Silver felt a wave of pain wash over him at one point. Blaze looked up to see the sun rising. When she looked back down, there was the old Silver. "Silvy!" she cried, embracing him in yet another hug. "You're back!"

"Yeah," said Silver. "I guess I'm only a monster at night now."

Blaze flattened her ears at the word monster. "You're not a monster Silver. A monster is someone who's evil. You are not evil. You care about others, and always try to do the right thing."

"Fine," said Silver. "I guess I'm a beast then."

Blaze put her finger on the tip of his nose. "You may be a beast, but you're my beast," she said as she kissed Silver passionately.

When they broke it, Silver answered, "I guess I am." He picked Blaze up bridal style and carried her down the hill, ready to begin his new life with her.

The finale of Silver Unleashed! Hope you all like it! You all didn't think I'd let the werehog just go away did you? Not much more to say, except that the sequel, "Day and Night", is set to debut on July 10!

Beginning of Silver Unleashed:[link]

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Jack-The-Writer Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Yes. Silver's a werehog all night, every night. He actually is hesitant of "doing that" because he's not sure if he could pass the werehog thing on to the kids.
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