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Chapter 2
After ejecting Silver from his ship, Eggman retreated, having accomplished what he was there for. Soon his battleship was lost on the horizon, and as far as Blaze and everyone else knew, Silver was still on it.

Blaze broke down and cried right on the spot. "Silver," she choked out between sobs. "I should have…gone with you…I'ts all my fault." Sonic came up to Blaze to comfort her. He sat down next to her.

"Blaze, what's wrong?" Sonic asked her.

In between sobs, Blaze managed to choke out what was on her mind. "Silver's still on that thing…It's my fault…I should have gone with him."

Sonic put a hand on her shoulder. "This is exactly why Silver didn't want you to go with him. He cares about you too much to let something happen to you. Don't worry Blaze, we'll find Silver. I promise."

Blaze wiped the tears from her eyes. "Thank you Sonic. I needed that." She gave Sonic a friendly hug, then they both got up to go talk to Tails about borrowing the tornado.
Meanwhile, Silver had woken up. All he could remember was Eggman saying something about sucking out his Chaos energy, and him getting ejected from his ship in this pod. Once Silver had woken up enough to get his bearings, he saw that he was still trapped in the pod. Silver tried to use his powers to open the lock, but they wouldn't work. The thought flew through his mind: his powers were gone. He howled in anger and punched the glass of the pod. Suprisingly, the glass shattered under the impact of his fist.

Stepping out into the moonlight, Silver saw why. Now he remembered what had happened to him. He looked down at his hands, if you could call them that anymore. Now they were more like claws. He gave his whole body a look-over, and saw what he had become: a monster. He howled in anger at the sky, cursing Eggman.
Sonic, Blaze, Tails, Knuckles, Rouge, Amy, and Shadow were all flying in the Tornado. They were chasing after Eggman's battleship, hoping to get Silver back. They were actually nearby where Silver was at the moment and his howl of anger. All heads suddenly turned in the direction the howl had come from.

"What was that?" asked Sonic.

"I don't know," replied everyone else.

"Someone could be hurt. We should go check it out," said Tails.

Everyone agreed, and Tails landed the Tornado in a nearby field. They made their way to Silver's crash site, and found the pod blown open. Suddenly, Blaze was filled with hope. She recognized the pod as one of Eggman's, and she hoped it had been used on Silver. Maybe he was nearby.

One thing troubled Tails, however. "Look at this, guys," he said. "The glass has been blown out. It would take someone pretty strong to break this."

Knuckles tried punching a hole in the glass, but was unsuccessful. "Wow, you're right Tails, that stuff is strong."

Now Blaze's hope had been replaced by fear. If Knuckles couldn't break the glass, then Silver certainly couldn't, which meant that someone or something else must have broken the glass for him. But was the one who did it friend or foe? Blaze walked to a nearby cliff to gather her thoughts. It was close enough for her to get back to them quickly, but far away enough to give her some peace.
Silver was walking through the forest next to his crash site. He kept wondering how he would get back to his friends, and what they would think when they saw him like this. He shook his head, not knowing what do. Suddenly, his peripheral vision caught something. Looking off to his left, Silver saw a figure standing on a cliff gazing out to sea. His heart leapt for joy. It was Blaze! She had come looking for him.

He tried to call her name, but all that came out was a guttural roar. Blaze turned around and saw Silver, partially hidden in the shadows of the trees. Her eyes grew large as dinner plates. Suddenly, Silver started to advance towards her. Blaze screamed in panic, not knowing what else to do.

Suddenly, Silver was besieged by Sonic and the others. They attacked him ruthlessly, hurting him in innumerable places. Silver wanted to fight back, but he realized that if he did so, they would just hurt him more. He tried telling them that it was him. But all that came out of his mouth were growls and roars.
Not knowing what else to do, Silver turned and ran on all fours into the woods, desperately trying to escape. Luckily for him, they did not give chase. He kept on running until he reached a pond. In the reflection of the water, Silver saw his face for the first time.

But Silver didn't care about that. The image was soon disturbed from the ripples caused by his tears. The only thing he could think of was Blaze, and how she didn't recognize him.
Chapter 2! Poor Silver, Blaze didn't recognize him. :( Third chapter will be up as soon as I can get it done. Next chapter, Blaze will meet silver as a werehog again. Will she recognize him this time? Again, please drop a comment.

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Next Chapter:[link]
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