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April 5, 2010
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Chapter 10
The next day, Blaze woke up early, even though she had stayed up incredibly late last night. She couldn't help it. She had been looking for Silver. Blaze yawned as she rolled out of bed. She missed having Silver in the bed next to her. He gave her so much courage, knowing that he was there to protect her. Wasting no time, she got dressed and dashed out of the house. She didn't care that all of the others were still asleep. She was going to look for Silver anyways. She dashed around the city, searching everywhere from downtown to the suburbs, and yet she couldn't find him. Getting hungry, Blaze ran back to her house for breakfast.

By the time she had gotten back, everyone else was already awake. They were all sitting in the kitchen, eating. When Blaze entered, they all looked up, acknowledging her presence. No one needed to ask where she had been. They all knew that she had been out looking for Silver, and no one could blame her. They all knew that to Blaze, Silver was her whole world. They were all afraid of what she would do if they didn't find Silver soon.

Silver was closer than they actually thought. When he woke up, Cindy was hanging around his neck. Last night, he had curled himself up at the foot of her bed. He had absolutely no idea how or why she had gotten down to the end of the bed and wrapped herself around him. Then he remembered that there was a storm last night. She must have been scared, and slept next to him for protection. Just like Blaze. When his thoughts turned to Blaze, he saddened slightly. He was scared of how Blaze was doing without him, and he was eager to see her again. But he couldn't just leave Cindy. She loved him so much. Oh, what was he going to do?

Then Cindy woke up. Silver gave her a lick on the cheek, and she giggled. "Good morning!" she said to him. She got out of bed and bounded downstairs, with Silver following close behind. When they got to the kitchen, Cindy poured Silver a bowl of dog food. Silver looked at it in slight disgust. Then he saw the eggs and bacon that Cindy's mom had cooked for her. Silver began to salivate. That was what he needed: proper food. He sauntered up to the table, sat up on his hind legs, and began to beg. "You want my food Silver?" she asked. Silver nodded. Cindy picked up a piece of bacon and was about to give it to Silver, but her mom snatched it away.

"Cindy," she scolded. "Don't feed the dog from the table. He's got his own food. Don't you?" she said, glaring at Silver. Silver cowered in fear, and slunk off to his food. Silver decided he might as well give it a try, and took a mouthful of the dog food.

Silver vomited. The dog food was disgusting; he didn't see how any dog could eat that stuff. Cindy's mom saw Silver vomit, beat him over the head with a broom, and pushed him out of the house and into the back yard.

Silver noticed that there was no fence in the back yard, and figured that it was now or never to make his escape. On all fours, Silver started to dash away. He was almost clear of the yard when an electric shock racked his body. *Crap,* he thought. *There's an electric fence. Now how am I going to get out of here?* Deciding to think about it for a while, Silver laid down on the grass. Not intending to, he drifted off into sleep.

Blaze ate her breakfast quickly. All she was focused on was finding Silver. But this time, she wasn't alone in her search. Tails once again couldn't come. He was still looking for Eggman, and was on to something. He couldn't stop looking, but wished them all the best of luck.

They decided to split into groups. Knuckles went off with Rouge, Sonic with Amy, and Shadow with Blaze. They all went off in three different directions. Knuckles and Rouge went off to search the Mystic Ruins, Sonic and Amy went to search the metropolis, and Blaze and Shadow took the suburbs. This time, Blaze had high hopes that they would find Silver.

Silver meanwhile, was still sleeping. However, hands upon his chest woke him up. He opened his eyes to see Cindy standing over him, shaking him awake. Seeing he was awake, Cindy let out a squeal of happiness and hugged him around the neck. "Silver, you awake!"

*Geez, what is it with this girl and hugging?* thought Silver. He decided to have a little fun with her. With her still hugging his neck, he stood up on his hind legs, grabbed her by her sides, and tossed her up in the air, while she screamed with happiness. Silver expertly caught her.

"Again, Silver! Again!" Cindy squealed. Silver was about to do it again, when Cindy's mom opened the back door.

"Cindy, want to go to the park?" she asked. Cindy squealed a yes, and dragged Silver into the house with her, to get ready. Cindy put Silver's leash on, and got herself some sandals. Silver obediently followed her out of the house, and to the park.

Blaze and Shadow had been searching for a while in the suburbs, and so far had come up short. Blaze was on the verge of tears, and hugged Shadow for support. With nowhere else to go, Shadow sat down at the nearest bench with her and stroked the back of her head. "It's going to be okay," he said. "We'll find him." Blaze continued to cry into Shadow's shoulder. A ball rolled towards the base of the bench from the playground on the other side of the sidewalk. Shadow kicked it back.

Silver walked along side Cindy through the park. Suddenly, Cindy broke into a run. Silver took off after her, until she collapsed from exhaustion under a tree. Silver laid down next to her. She petted his head, and Silver wagged his tail.

Silver could see a playground nearby. He figured that it was the one Cindy and her mom had meant to go to. Gingerly, he picked up Cindy and put her on his back. Holding her there with his hands, Silver took off for the playground.
The second chapter today, like I promised. Say hooray! :D Ten chapters! Next chapter will be a big pivot point. Chapter 11 probably won't be up until Wednesday, because I'll try to put up two chapters of Moving On tomorrow.

Previous Chapter:[link]

Next Chapter:[link]
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