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"So Gali, remind me why we're out here again," Sarah grumbled, tucking her hands under her arms in an attempt to stay warm, which Ko-Wahi wasn't.

"I told you already, a matoran saw a mysterious object flying across the sky. Tahu wanted us to see what it was. And I don't see why you're complaining. You told me you were from up north where it was cold," Gali replied.

"Yeah, it was cold, but not THIS cold!" Sarah exclaimed, "I'm freezing my butt off out here!"

There was smoke up ahead. "I guess that's it," said Gali.

"Let's just hurry and get out of here."

Gali picked up a little stone, which swirled inside with many colors, and looked like it was made of protodermis. "I don't get it. What is-?" Then she and Sarah both promptly fainted.

Sarah woke up with a headache. "Oh, my head," she said, resting a hand on her forehead. As she did, she heard a metallic clang. She opened her eyes and looked at her hand. It was blue and metallic. She screamed, and then realized she had Gali's voice too. She screamed again.

"Sarah? What's wrong?" Gali, now in Sarah's body, sat up, and found herself looking at… herself? "Sarah, what happened?"

"We seemed to have swapped bodies," said Sarah, "Hey, at least I'm warm now."

"I'm not," replied Gali, jamming her hands under her arms.

"Welcome to the world of a human," Sarah replied, getting up. "Wow. I thought all this armor would be heavy. I'm surprised it's so light. It doesn't feel like it weighs anything."

Gali got up shakily on her feet. "Your bodies are weird." She poked her face. "Your bodies are so malleable, so rubbery and squishy."

"It's better than being rigid. Apply a lot of force to something rigid, it breaks. Apply a lot of force to something like our bodies, it'll bend first, then break."

Her body shivering, Gali said, "Let's just get back to Ga-Koro and everyone else. And not a word to anyone else."

"Agreed. Especially not Janet." Picking up the stone, they left.

Back at the village, Gali and Sarah (in each other's bodies) made it to the hut where the rest of the humans were.

"Oh hey Sarah," B.J. said, "What was out there?"

"Oh nothing," said Sarah (in Gali's body), "The matoran must have been seeing things."

"Uh, thank you Gali. But I was talking to Sarah."

"Oh, of course," said Sarah, "Sorry."

"Like Sar- Gali said, nothing," said Gali, almost tripping up on the name.

"Oh, Gali, Tahu wanted you to see him when you got back."

"Okay," said Gali (in Sarah's body), beginning to walk out of the hut.

Sarah stopped her. "I'm Gali, Sarah," Sarah said, "Silly Sarah. You stay here and I'll go see Tahu."

Janet was watching from the back of the room. Something was wrong, and she knew exactly what to do.

When Sarah came back from what was an awkward meeting with the rest of the Toa, she sat in a hut with Gali, twirling her axes in her hands. "So, how do you work these things?"

"I told you already, there's like a barrier in your mind that you have to breach, and the power flows out of you."

Sarah dug around inside her mind. "Nope. Nothing."

"Back to the matter at hand," Gali replied, "How do we switch our bodies back?"

"I don't know," said Sarah, picking up a protodermis nugget from the nearby table, "But these are good." She rubbed her slightly distended belly. "If only they weren't so fattening."

"Ah-ha!" yelled Janet, jumping triumphantly into the doorway, "I knew something was up! You two are in each other's bodies!"

"Please don't tell anyone Janet!" Sarah begged, "We don't want anyone to know! We'd both be babied! They'd say Gali was helpless in a human body, and that I wouldn't know how to control Toa powers! They'll quarantine us! Please don't!"

An evil smile came over Janet's face. "Oh, I won't. As long as you do what I say."

"What do you want?" Sarah asked, absentmindedly eating another protodermis nugget.

"Well, you have to do whatever I say, and I get to insult you. That's it. Do those two things, and none of this gets out."

"Fine," they said in unison.

"So what do you want?" Sarah asked, putting three nuggets in her mouth at once.

"I don't need anything from you fatty!"

A tear started to roll down Sarah's face. "I'm not fat!"

"Then what do you call this?" Janet asked, slapping Sarah's distended stomach. "You look like you're pregnant or something."

"Stop please…" Sarah pleaded.

"Not a chance fatty!" Janet yelled.

A month passed in this manner. Sarah, now out of depression more than anything else, ate more and more protodermis nuggets, only feeding the fire for Janet. And Gali wasn't spared either. Janet got her to eat vomit-inducing foods for her, leading to public spectacles.

One night, Gali and Sarah gathered together to determine what to do about Janet. "We have to get our old bodies back. It's the only way to get Janet to stop," Gali said.

"Stupid stone!" yelled Sarah, throwing it down on the ground. "This is all your fault!"

"No Sarah!" yelled Gali, but it was too late. Sarah stepped on the stone, breaking it. They both passed out.

When Sarah woke up, she placed a hand on her forehead. "Oh, my head." She realized she was speaking in her own voice. She looked at her hands. They were hers! "I'm back!" she yelled, hugging herself. "Oh body, I've missed you so much!"

Gali groaned as she got up. "Did you have to eat so many protodermis nuggets Sarah?" she asked, grabbing her distended belly.

"Now, how to get back at Janet…" Sarah thought out loud.

They suddenly heard Nokama's voice scream out loud. "What happened to me?! Sarah! Gali!"

Gali and Sarah smiled at each other. "I guess that solves that."

Eyes watched them from outside the hut. Brutaka laughed, "This certainly worked out well. Note: Take the stone back after the bodies are swapped." He disappeared.
Title a pun of Celebrity Wife Swap, also, Gali and Sarah are celebrities in my opinion.

She wanted a body swap story, so I happily obliged. I had to make Janet evil of course. Sorry if I get a little too mean to you Sarah. Merry Christmas!
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